Fighting Terror Without Fighting

What should be done to fight terrorism ?? Any answers ?? I know the few of the most common answers.

1. National Terror Law – Culprits must be punished, law and order must be enforced properly, Speed trials for such cases etc. Agreed, but will we be able to punish the real culprits?

2. Up the security measures – fine, upgrade the security in Hotels, Airport, Hospitals, Temples, Railway Stations, shopping malls, High Seas, Coastal Waters and Coastal Land. Agreed here too, but the list is endless and the whole country cannot be converted to a bunker. If terrorists find it difficult to enter hotel they will target school. If school is not accessible they will enter court, or Bus Terminal. Even if all these places are well secured they might land up in amusement park, cinema hall. If you say all such places are taking care of their security by their own, the killers can simply walk in govt office buildings like Nagar Nigam, passport office, PWD. There are thousands of places which cannot be X-ray’ed and baggage-check’ed like Café Coffee Day in Indira Nagar, Barista at MG Road or even road like Brigade Road and Commercial Street. No one can stop a terrorist if he wants to repeat a CST, Mumbai on Commercial Street, Bangalore.

3. Arm the forces with the latest guns and ammunition. Totally agreed, but will it stop terrorists from such attacks. We cannot stop someone who is all ready to die for his misbelieves by threatening him to kill him. Such revamp of NSG and police will only bring down the impact of such attacks. Had the police equipped with the modern arms and ammunition, the terrorists would have killed only 30-50 people and not 200 people. But this wouldn’t ease the pain of families of those 30 dead people.

Now there are 2 action items India must follow.
1. Enable IB to such an extent where such threat cannot even pass through the borders. To do this it is necessary to make 6 wings which independently take care of 6 indian gateways, Kashmir, Rajasthan-Gujarat, West Coast, East Coast, Far-East including Bangladesh border and North-East Border from Laddhakh to Arunachal Pradesh.
These wings must work closely with the BSF and local police.

2. To fight the terror, we must ensure we uproot this problem from its origin.
Every movement and resistance starts with a cause. We must resolve the root cause of the problem and then only we will be able to eliminate this problem.

India must learn from the US, specially Bush, that we must not nurture the terrorists of the future. No one can deny from the fact that not only terrorists are wrong but the rulers of this world are also equally questionable for the current world problems.
We must remove the circumstances in which young boys and girls, sometimes as young as 10-12 years, are drifting towards the sinister ideologies of the avengers.
We must understand the psychology of a 21 year old boy who was arrested in Mumbai terror attack. We have to understand the philosophy behind his heinous crime. Why the young guys like him are not enjoying Sunday afternoon with their mothers but spraying bullets. May be they don’t have them at all. Their teachers must be brought to the court and not they. We will never be able to justify them their sentences. They will never be able to understand the losses of a 60 year old woman whose grandchildren they killed. If they are from Afghanistan, they must be 16 when US attacked it in 2004, if they had lost their parents then would you believe they have an idea how a happy middle class Indian family looks like?? How a middle class aadmi is busy earning his daily bread and worried if his train ticket will be confirmed or not?? If the most powerful man on earth is not courageous enough to accept his fault of attacking Iraq in suspicion of WMD and resign, how can we blame a terrorist of being cruel, ill minded, aim less, ruthless and actually a coward.

We have to bring them to the main stream. We have to make this world better for the children of today and potential terrorists of tomorrow.
India must design a Social Uplifting Plan for next 10 years for Muslims and minorities of other religions and castes. India must come up as a most friendly country for all religions, nationalities and castes. The culprits of communal violence must be treated very hard. There must be strict law for punishing leaders who corrupt junta’s mind against any particular religion or caste.
Social Uplifting Plan must consist of 1.) Empowering minority youth, 2.) Creating jobs, 3.) supporting entrepreneurship by providing loans and education, 4.) regularizing residential areas, 5.) creating contact centers in small towns and villages where information on schools and colleges progress will be made available and 6.) makind sure that Education For All type programs reach all sections of society and specially muslims and other minority groups.

Sleep With Bipasha, Wake Up With Kareena

Love, friendship, relationships and communities have travelled a long way in the human history. In the anciant ages there were man-woman relationships based on the power of the man. Stronger the man better were his chances to mate with more and more women. And there were of course, communities and tribes. Days changed and custom of marriage was introduced. I strongly believe that marriages were started to make sure that not-the-best guys like me also get girls... :-)

All this was peacefully going, except some hiccups like extra martial affairs, divorce, till 1990's when the internet started poking in our lives. People now make frends on gtalk, talk openly on orkut and roam here and there in SL(Second Life). This is a Vardaana for married guys who can now talk to their school/college/office frends(girls) frequently. People put attractive faces on their orkut profiles and IM avtars. They try to present their best in their personal/professional sections. They try to impress people. So baseline is still same. We are human and we try to find the best frends/companions/mates etc for us... However the baseline interrupts are also the same. Not Everyone Gets the Best. Not everyone can marry Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie. But the efforts to calm down this bitter truth are still on.

In 1950's when India really started feeling bollywood's presence, people found a way to bring the most beautiful people in their lives. They used to connect themselves to Madhubala and Dilip kumar in theatre. They used to relish the beauty of Meenakumari watching her poster on cinema's walls. Then came the era of bringing home the records. Movie songs on the records and photos of Dharmendra on the cover. I can bet hundreds of then-girls-now-grandmothers must have kissed Dharmendra on the record cover. Then this kind of 'Love' was added with posters of movie stars, then audio cassattes came in the market. In parallel, there were celebrity magazines like Filmi Kaliyaan etc, where people must have enjoyed each and every angle of their favorite actress/actor(alone in a room, obviously). Finally the Internet, with hundreds of celeb pics are just a click away. Though our parents must have enjoyed Filmi Kaliyan hiding in a text book but I am sure watching along with is far easier with alt-tab then hiding filmi kaliyan in a text book.

The obsession of following celeb's lives are still on it's high.. People downloading useless pictures for their mobile phones and companies are charging also for that... funny, no?? That's not enough, you can now watch them everytime on Colors, Zoom, VH1, MTV and even on News channels. But there are still very very few people who really come very very close to the celebs. And 99.9999% of them are either very very rich industrialists or very very powerful polititians.

Here I strongly believe that 'Love Story 2020' will surely have a common man and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles or a comman woman and Hritik Roshan. Don't be surprise. The day is not far when you will be catching up with your frends for a movie with Aishwarya Rai on Friday and Angelina Jolie on Saturday. Robotics, Nano Technology and Biotechnology will soon realize this dream.

By 2020 we will be having robots like we have laptops now. These robots would be very very humonized by that time. They will share a joke with you. They will get sad. And also they will be happy with your promotion. No one would easily guess if you are with you human-girl-frend or a robot-girl-frend. Big humonoids will stay at home like desktops and small baby robots of size of a mobile phone will travel with us to school, college and office. Humonoids will go out with us to parks, movies, disco etc... Now comes the real dream-coming-true. The robots would be wearing an artificial human-look-a-like-body suite which would be made of silicon, rubber etc(japanese doll makers have already made such material which looks like human flesh). There would be nanoscopic mechanical livers and gears at the inner surface of the suite which would be controlled by computer programs. There nanoscopic machines would adjust according to the computer program to give the body a desired shape.
The computer programs would be made by a 4d analysis of a human body. A naked man/woman would be asked to do all kind of general activities like standing, sitting, walking, junping etc in a room which would monitored with scanners and cameras. When the machine will read all the factors and parameters of the body and it will create a body-code with it. All body-code would be uniquely named. Robot companies would be giving these codes in DVDs alongwith a robot as standard accessories. Some company might launch a Diwali offer saying "3 for Free offer- 3 Free body-codes with Nokia R2211.. hurry, limited offer.."
These body codes would be available in the market also. Their prices would vary based on the demand. Beautiful body codes would cost more. Body-code Modelling would be a profession too. There would be university courses on this. Also, the companies would change these codes in bits and pieces to make them unique for every customer. Just like we can change brightness color and contrast of a jpeg file, they would be able to change nose, cheek bone, neck length, chest, shoulders etc.

Then their would be celebrity body-codes. Anjelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Aishwarya Rai, Hritik Roshan etc. They would cost you really high. Some robots might come up with pre set body-code-changer. You go in a movie theatre with katrina Kaif, come out with Bipasha Basu, sleep with Paris Hilton and wake up with Eva Longoria. Some company might end up with a total blunder and start offering assembled body-codes in which you will get lips of Angelina Jolie, Bottom of Jenifer Lopex and Eyes of Aishwarya Rai. That would be horrible... One day you would be going to big bazaar with all Minissha Lamba, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone together.. being luckier then Ranbeer Kapoor. You might catch up with your frends in a restaurent where you will find that both of your have come there with Sushmita Sen.

If this sounds bad, anti humanity, anti god etc etc etc... there are some of the really nice uses of this technology also. Using this people would be able to have their loved ones if lost in some mishap. People might land up in Body-Suite-Studios to get their body code and keep it safe. Some one might want to live with himself forever. He can, in this case, get his body code installed on his robot and have himself as a frend. People might want to download body code of someone they don't like. For example I would surely download Rakhi Sawant's body code, install it in my robot and make her do the cleaning and dish washing. Any other candidate in this category ??? Salman Khan, Deepak Chowrasia, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kareena Kapoor ????

So guys very soon, you won't be have to Salman Rushdie to have Padmalakshmi in your arms. I know what you guys are thinking now so let me give you a break from reading so that you can continue with your imaginations.

Why Baby Boy

Centuries are taking their turns but one thing which is seriously consistent in the Indian Society is still the wish for a boy in the family. It is not like there is no change at all in the mindsets of the people but the question is why the change is taking so much time and why the change is not reaching to every portion of the society.

When I was in my graduation, one of my friend's brother became a father of a baby girl. When my friend came back after seeing her, we asked him for the sweets and he said his relatives asked him not to take sweets to the college since it's a baby girl and not boy. That was year 2003. And my friend is from Delhi. It's disappointing that both the factors, 21st century and Metro like Delhi, in this case, couldn't de-motivate such biases. Here, the nice-to-know-thing is that my friend and his brother and bro's wife were absolutely satisfied and happy.

A similar thing happened 4 years later, in 2007. One more of friend became a father of a baby girl and when we were at there place, his wife was telling her experience with the relatives back at home. "Congratulations. I wish it could be a boy... anyways congrats... oh she is so sweet.. you remember pushpa, mrs gupta's daughter in law ?? She gave a grandson to mrs gupta.. (lol)."

So does that mean that change has already reached the younger generation and we will see the altogether transformed and revamped society in another 10-15 years??? But before that, we must say that we can't generalize this theory. Still there are young people who are there inside their mental blocks.

I really want to put forward this question and try to counter-questions the possible views.

Q# what is so good about boys and why people prefer a boy over a girl??

View# 1. Boy will carry the family name. A girl will be married and go.
View# 2. Boy will be a bread winner for the family and will take care of the parents.
View# 3. Marriage is a costly affair for girl's parents.

Counter view #1. That is absolutely wrong and absurd. This is just a point of view and nothing more. What do we mean by family name??? Actually, family name and wish for a son are two inter dependent concepts. Also, there are 2 fundamentals, rigidly carved in people's mind.
1. Our family name should continue.
2. Only man/husband's family name should be given to the child.

Now again, I would say, it is a point of view and nothing else. Let me again break these two fundamentals. What is this fuss about the family name??? What we will get if our family name continues for the next 100 years??
People reading this, tell me, how many of you remember (or even know) the name of your grandfather's father??
We need to realize that we, middle class people, are not Nawabs or Marathas or sultans of pre-1800 era. How many of us are having pictures of our forefathers in our homes?? Can I assume that my great-grandson will get an edge in US Presidential Election in 2060 for being from "Jain Dynasty"??

I am nothing and even if in the next 20 years I become the CEO of Motorola, my grandchildren will not get any special treatment because of their family name, though they may get it in some areas, for the reputation of the family name but that will be same for my Son's and daughter's children. I mean to say, this world will not treat anybody on the basis of the family name but only by the capability of the individual.

Now coming to the 2nd fundamental of giving husband's family name to the child, I really feel, why can't a woman give her family name to his son/daughter?? Family name really doesn't matter when it comes to the achievements.

How many us know/remember Rajeev Gandhi's father's name?? Or Rajiv Gandhi's grand father's name??? Rahul Gandhi and priyanka gandhi are still flaunting the blood line of Nehru. Priyanka is still Gandhi and not Vadhera, practically.

Counter view #2. Now that totally depends on an individual. With the increasing number of young boys and girls moving out of their hometowns and pursuing careers in metro cities and abroad, the only thing they can do to their parents is sending money. And with the growing foresight for the retirement options and investments for safe future, everybody is moving towards a state when money will not be a favor to take from children, any more. And if you talk about taking care of your parents then to do that either sons have to give up their jobs or parents have to move away from their homes and start staying with their sons which again is a sensitive issue when it comes to leaving your comfort zone at the age of 60.

There are examples of children settled in US, keep sending money and visiting only when any of their parent dies. There is a absolutely shocking real incident I know. In a family a man was very ill and was on his death bed. Doctors asked his wife to call up the relatives. She called up her son. He arrived and the man miraculously survived. While leaving for US the son told his mother that this time it was very difficult for him to take leaves and come. So if similar thing happens in next 6-12 months, he won't be able to come.

On the other hand there are examples of daughters taking care of their parents. So clearly, as marriage is seen a bond between two families and not only between to people, it is a time to realize that if a woman can take care of her ailing parent in laws then similarly this is duty of a man also to take care of his in laws.

Counter view #3. Until and unless we make our girls independent, educated and smart, we will continue to be haunted by the marriage expenses and dowry ghost. If your daughter is a deserving candidate for marriage she will surely be taken. Or if she has her own identity she can rather become a chooser and not a beggar. This problem is more specific to smaller cities and towns where lesser girls come out for professional education and primarily seen as a liability who must get married and go.

Aaj Tak Continues...

And Star News Also...

Aaj Tak Wins Award ?????

What is Indian Telly Awards ??? Who are the sponsers ??? Who are the
judges ???
In the whole family of news channels or better to say, a whole district of news channels how come Indian Telly Award for best news channel can go to the funniest, most dumb and 'The Most Stupid' of them all, Aaj Tak... ????
There can be few options now for this question.
1. Aaj Tak is bribing the judges.
2. Aaj Tak is bribing the judges.
3. Aaj Tak is bribing the judges.
and few more...

One evening I reach home, switch on the TV and come to know that They are the best news channel... !! The only thing came in my mind was that Are they really a news channel ??? This was a joke in itself, for me.

A channel whose prime time news comprises of "Raju ke Hasgulle", "Khali aaya, Undertaker Bhaga", "Amitabh Bachchan ko thand lagi" and few more is the best news channel... this news itself is the worst thing that can happen.

Although they are running with this legacy of Prime Time Massacre since long time now, however recently they have really come up with some innovative ideas to make sure the audiance die by Nervous Break down.

The favorite prime time program of Aaj Tak is Khali and his stupid choreographed fights. And to the worst, they put a caption with title Breaking News. I think they have a seperate team for sitting and thinking such stupid one liners. i.e. Sazish samjho Khali, Khali ne kheli holi etc.

I am sure one has to sit in the exam to be a correspondent in Aaj Tak. And the questions would be:
Write breaking news one liners for the following:
2 dogs are getting married. Husband wife are fighting. Fils star are breaking off.

The second hot fevorite is Raju Shrivastav and his same old jokes which he already has played in Laughter Challange. Just imagine, at 8 o Clock in the evening when all other channels are showing important national and international news, these guys are showing Breaking News: Raju ke Hansgulle, Gabbar ki Shaadi, Basanti ko bhi nahi chhora.

Their other 'Award Winning' contributions to the betterment of the society include: Pushpak Viman, Rani mukharji ke Thumke, April Fool: Rakhi ko Krazy4 ke gaane se nikala and others..

Last but not the least, when every other news channel reported about the bikaner's one and a half old girl trapped in borewell, only when she was out, these guys didn't even talk about any other thing in this world. Though they had enough time for commercials. The whole day they were showing the rescue efforts. That was not all, there were discussion with the correspondent on phone. i.e. "हम आपको बता दे कि अभी अभी सारिका ने उबले हुए आलू खाने की इच्छा जताई है, और सुबह उसने कहा था कि उसका जलेबी खाने का मन कर रहा है, और उसे जलेबी खिलाई भी गयी थी. "

And to the heights of cheapness, there was a song being played in the background, 'Main kabhi batlaata nahi, par andhere se darta hoon mein maa... tujhe sab hai pata... hai na maa.. '

Actually, if we see.. this is not with Aaj Tak only.. every hindi news channel is like this only. Be it NDTV india, Star news or zee news.

I remember a renowned media person who on NDTV india, was once throwing a poll where question was: "Sanjay dutt ke apane paas hathiyar rakhne ko aap kya kahenge.. (what you will say Sanjay Dutt's act of keeping a gun with him??? ) options: 1. Unki mardangi(his manhood), b. Unki Nadaani(His Childilike act) c. Ya unki galti(or a mistake) "

Even hindi news website are in the race.. you can see the website: this website belongs to IBN network and the level of news on this site clearly shows that what is the mentallity of such a nice group when it comes to Hindi audience...

eg. शराब के पीछे जीजा ने साले की नाक काटी

This website has changed a lot now and may not fit here in the discussion now but few months back it was nothing but an online version of Aaj Tak.

I am trying to guess what makes these people think in such stupid manner and how come they boldly publish such stuff.
Do these people think that hindi news audience is fool and they have do not have any interest in national and international news ??? Or do they think that Hindi Audience cannot appreciate Indo-US nuclear deal ????

I am giving a BIG THUMB DOWN to Aaj Tak's Best News Channel award.

Next Stop Would be: Hocky

After all that celebration and cash reward announcements etc for Indian Cricket Team, I think the next reason for cheers for all of us would be Indian Hocky.

As we all know, just in parallel to T20 world cup, our hocky team won the asia cup. Similarly, after crushing Russia and Mexico by 8-0 and 18-1 respectively... To qualify for 2008 olympics also, indian team needs just two more wins and that are over Chile and Britain(in the final).

So, fingers crossed for them and I am eagerly waiting for them to give an outstanding performance in beijing.

Welcome Tata 'Nano'

Tata's effort of bringing cars to everyone's affordability is really appreciable. I am driving a car here and worried about the traffic and pollution but how can I anyone else to ride a bike when I am driving a car to office ????

Whoever is blaming 1 lac car for more future problems of traffic and pollution, should come to bangalore and see. Autos in bangalore puke out the maximum smoke followed by the office/call center cabs like indica, sumo, tempo traveller and 407. Traffic situations here are bad but the reasons are narrow roads and lack of flyovers. Come to outer ring road and you will not see even traffic signals on major junctions.

Carbon emission can be cut down by banning Glass Office buildings. Delhi, gurgaon and Noida are full of such places. And by making strict pollution check rules. Even In the city like Jaipur which do not have an international reputation like Bangalore, you cannot drive without a pollution check sticker on your car. But in Bangalore, you can.

Traffic jams doesn't happen because more cars but because people do not follow lane driving. So making more flyovers, making signals working and giving power to traffic police to make a fine on people stopping in wrong lanes, jumping stop line etc will only help managing traffic. Police must issue a ticket without asking for the clarification from the defaulter and should ask him to come and pay at police station. Also, all such type of education must reach the junta who will definitely NOT read blogs etc. I mean cab drivers, truck drivers and drivers of other goods carriers. Roads must be painted with lane info and documentry movie on road sense must be played in cinema halls during intermission.