Reply to Mangalore Goons

We should also reply back to those the Goons of Mangalore.
Simple protest will not work. Taking hording and banners in hands and going out on streets will not help.
We should do something which they don’t want us to do.

Let’s celebrate this coming 14th Feb as Don’t Preach Day.
Let’s all go to the pubs, discos, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, gardens on that day. Both type of parents, the one who feels that their sons and daughters can go to these places and the one who do not want their sons and daughters to go to these places, can join in for that particular day. Owners of such places should welcome people. They can have some offers also on that day. They may offer half price for people coming in with their parents.

We should come up and do whatever they want us not to do. 60 years back Gandhi ji did the same and they called it Satyagraha. If there would be thousands of people decided to celebrate their freedom, Mutthi Bhar goons won’t be able to dare touching anyone of them.

Specially parents should come over, join and tell these idiots that it is them(the parents) who will decide how their kids should live their lives in this country and not some sadak-chhaap gundas.

It is not the question, if it’s ok for women to drink or not, at all.
The question is who will decide this. If Ashok Gehlot did not have the ‘Pub Hatao’ agenda pre-elections, how can he come now and tell that he is against boys and gals going to pubs and shopping malls ???
It is upto the people of this country who are 18 years and above, to decide how they want to live their lives. If the goons of Mangalore are above 18 and they feel there should not be any pubs in India, there are methods to do that. Go to Supreme court and file a PIL and fight a case. OR if they personally feel that they should not go to pubs, don’t go and spread the awareness about the ill effects of it.

Just like 15 Aug is our independence day, 14th Feb should be our “True Independence Day”.

Muthalik’s Statement: Love should be celebrated everyday. There is no need of 1 particular day for love.
I just want to know if we should stop celebrating Diwali, Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Durga Puja and Maha Shivratri too ??? Faith should be in our lives. We should pray every day, we should go to the temple every day. What is the need of these festivals then?? Faith in the God should also be showed everyday.

What is Indian and what is not.
Tube Top and short skirt are part of ancient Indian culture. You can see the designer statues on the gate of our old temples. You will find the womanly figures standing in welcoming gesture, wearing knee length skirt-looking-dhoti and tube top type choli and offering some lotus flowers from their hands.

Pant and shirts were never part of Indian culture. So according to Muthalik, the 5 lacs software professionals of Bangalore should start going to offices wearing dhoti-kurta(for men) and Saaree(for women). But remember, next time you guys arrive at some pub to beat people, please wear dhoti-kurta and not-so-Indian Pants and Shirts.

You go to any picnic spot in outskirts of a city, you will find many people (boys and men) parking their cars a little distant from the road, in the bushes and having a drink there. Recently I have been to Makedatu, near Bangalore. After crossing the river you will find few places where you can sit under the tree and have lunch. You will find lots of empty beer cans and whisky bottles. I had the same experience of another picnic spot of Bangalore, Nandi Hills. In another experience in Nagarhole, I saw people taking a bath under a waterfall and throwing plastic bottles and shampoo pouches in the water. Now this kind of spoiling of natural resources is something which is non Indian.

Writing religious songs, called Bhajans, on the tune of Hindi Movie songs like Hamma Hamma, chhaiya chhaiya etc is something which is non-Indian.

Selling Raksha Kawach on Teleshopping by claiming that your dismal business earnings, bad grades in schools and troubled marriage will be corrected with this Kawach’s use, is something which is Non-Indian.


When time changes for men it is acceptable for everyone. They call is need or majboori also. Young boys study in other cities, after that they start jobs etc. Stay away from family, renting out places with friends etc.. every such thing leads to something different from what they used to do in their old days back in their home town. And this is not new. This is not something which has started after IT became a hot cake. I can’t claim for other communities but for Gujratis, Marwaris, Punjabis and Malyalis this is happening from ages when they went out for business and jobs. And now this is happening for women especially from the last 10-15 years these men have a problem.