Why are we so Sentimental ????

Why are we so Sentimental ????

Statue of Charlie Chaplin would hurt the sentiments of Hindus. This was small news when I opened up the newspaper yesterday and this was the front page headline today. I wonder what kind of mentality these guys are sporting. Is a common middle class Indian so sentimental that his sentiments would hurt by even looking at or passing by a statue???
I seriously recommend an advisor to anyone who is willing to make such public comment. A really intelligent and literate public-statement-advisor who can cover up, few if not all, proofs of paanchvi-fail mentality of such stupid people.

If today Chaplin’s statue hurts Hindu’s sentiments, tomorrow Amitabh Bachchan’s statue would hurt Muslim’s sentiment. Shahrukh Khan’s wax statue would have been hurting Madam Tussaud’s sentiments there. I am sure folks of such fundamentalists groups did not read the newspaper on 23rd Feb 09 because Mozart of Madras was everywhere in the paper that day. They must have issued a notice to their newspaper vendor for dropping the paper in their house premises with an un-Hindu person, receiving un-Hindu awards in an un-Hindu land of America. They must have washed their homes with the Holy Ganga Jal and held Sunder-Kaanda ka Paath for 7 days after this truly un-Hindu activity.

Long live APJ Abdul Kalam, SRK, Aamir Khan, Zaakir Hussein, Ghulaam Ali Khan, Gulzaar, AR Rehman and all those non-Hindus who are worshipped in India, obviously by their own set of intelligent followers. Still, whoever has come in this world has to go one day. I really wonder sometime, after his death, will APJ Abdul Kalam ever be able to get the respect and recognition similar to Gandhi or Ambedkar in the present India ????
Almost every Indian city today have Mahatma Gandhi Road, Gandhi bazaar, Ambedkar Circle etc. I really wonder if Anil Kumble were Aamir Kamaal, would there be a Aamir Kamaal Circle on MG Road, Bangalore???
Will there ever be any APJ Abdul Kalam Road ??? What if there were a temple already existing on that road and govt plans to rename the road as APJ Abdul Kalam road ?? Sentiments will hurt… Where were these sentiments when he was making a missile which he also knew could be used against the people he is sharing religion. Why no Hindu group stood at that time that we don’t want a non-Hindu doing a Hindu nation this kind of favor ??? Why are we do sentimental ???

What if few citizens of Udupi had plans to erect a statue of Mother Teresa in the same place Chaplin’s statue is proposed. In this context there are similarities between Chaplin and Mother Teresa. Both didn’t do any favor to Karnataka. Both are non-Hindu. Well I think, here my ignorant heart is assuming that Hindu Groups would not protest against Mother Teresa’s statue. I guess I am wrong. They will protest that too. Why are we so sentimental ????

This is Sunday morning here in Bangalore. Crisp sunlight is peeping through the window, nice fresh air is running like a kid from kitchen to dining hall to the balcony outside. What a quite and serene morning it is. There is a small church right behind my house in Koramangala, 8th Block. Sweet, melodious voices of kids singing is coming straight into my house. They are singing ‘Yes Jesus loves me’. I am logging off. My sentiments are hurt.

If we really think that our sentiments hurts in every 2nd step and in every 2nd breath we take, it’s time for us to be less of a sentimental fool. Why are we so sentimental ????