Sleep With Bipasha, Wake Up With Kareena

Love, friendship, relationships and communities have travelled a long way in the human history. In the anciant ages there were man-woman relationships based on the power of the man. Stronger the man better were his chances to mate with more and more women. And there were of course, communities and tribes. Days changed and custom of marriage was introduced. I strongly believe that marriages were started to make sure that not-the-best guys like me also get girls... :-)

All this was peacefully going, except some hiccups like extra martial affairs, divorce, till 1990's when the internet started poking in our lives. People now make frends on gtalk, talk openly on orkut and roam here and there in SL(Second Life). This is a Vardaana for married guys who can now talk to their school/college/office frends(girls) frequently. People put attractive faces on their orkut profiles and IM avtars. They try to present their best in their personal/professional sections. They try to impress people. So baseline is still same. We are human and we try to find the best frends/companions/mates etc for us... However the baseline interrupts are also the same. Not Everyone Gets the Best. Not everyone can marry Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie. But the efforts to calm down this bitter truth are still on.

In 1950's when India really started feeling bollywood's presence, people found a way to bring the most beautiful people in their lives. They used to connect themselves to Madhubala and Dilip kumar in theatre. They used to relish the beauty of Meenakumari watching her poster on cinema's walls. Then came the era of bringing home the records. Movie songs on the records and photos of Dharmendra on the cover. I can bet hundreds of then-girls-now-grandmothers must have kissed Dharmendra on the record cover. Then this kind of 'Love' was added with posters of movie stars, then audio cassattes came in the market. In parallel, there were celebrity magazines like Filmi Kaliyaan etc, where people must have enjoyed each and every angle of their favorite actress/actor(alone in a room, obviously). Finally the Internet, with hundreds of celeb pics are just a click away. Though our parents must have enjoyed Filmi Kaliyan hiding in a text book but I am sure watching along with is far easier with alt-tab then hiding filmi kaliyan in a text book.

The obsession of following celeb's lives are still on it's high.. People downloading useless pictures for their mobile phones and companies are charging also for that... funny, no?? That's not enough, you can now watch them everytime on Colors, Zoom, VH1, MTV and even on News channels. But there are still very very few people who really come very very close to the celebs. And 99.9999% of them are either very very rich industrialists or very very powerful polititians.

Here I strongly believe that 'Love Story 2020' will surely have a common man and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles or a comman woman and Hritik Roshan. Don't be surprise. The day is not far when you will be catching up with your frends for a movie with Aishwarya Rai on Friday and Angelina Jolie on Saturday. Robotics, Nano Technology and Biotechnology will soon realize this dream.

By 2020 we will be having robots like we have laptops now. These robots would be very very humonized by that time. They will share a joke with you. They will get sad. And also they will be happy with your promotion. No one would easily guess if you are with you human-girl-frend or a robot-girl-frend. Big humonoids will stay at home like desktops and small baby robots of size of a mobile phone will travel with us to school, college and office. Humonoids will go out with us to parks, movies, disco etc... Now comes the real dream-coming-true. The robots would be wearing an artificial human-look-a-like-body suite which would be made of silicon, rubber etc(japanese doll makers have already made such material which looks like human flesh). There would be nanoscopic mechanical livers and gears at the inner surface of the suite which would be controlled by computer programs. There nanoscopic machines would adjust according to the computer program to give the body a desired shape.
The computer programs would be made by a 4d analysis of a human body. A naked man/woman would be asked to do all kind of general activities like standing, sitting, walking, junping etc in a room which would monitored with scanners and cameras. When the machine will read all the factors and parameters of the body and it will create a body-code with it. All body-code would be uniquely named. Robot companies would be giving these codes in DVDs alongwith a robot as standard accessories. Some company might launch a Diwali offer saying "3 for Free offer- 3 Free body-codes with Nokia R2211.. hurry, limited offer.."
These body codes would be available in the market also. Their prices would vary based on the demand. Beautiful body codes would cost more. Body-code Modelling would be a profession too. There would be university courses on this. Also, the companies would change these codes in bits and pieces to make them unique for every customer. Just like we can change brightness color and contrast of a jpeg file, they would be able to change nose, cheek bone, neck length, chest, shoulders etc.

Then their would be celebrity body-codes. Anjelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Aishwarya Rai, Hritik Roshan etc. They would cost you really high. Some robots might come up with pre set body-code-changer. You go in a movie theatre with katrina Kaif, come out with Bipasha Basu, sleep with Paris Hilton and wake up with Eva Longoria. Some company might end up with a total blunder and start offering assembled body-codes in which you will get lips of Angelina Jolie, Bottom of Jenifer Lopex and Eyes of Aishwarya Rai. That would be horrible... One day you would be going to big bazaar with all Minissha Lamba, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone together.. being luckier then Ranbeer Kapoor. You might catch up with your frends in a restaurent where you will find that both of your have come there with Sushmita Sen.

If this sounds bad, anti humanity, anti god etc etc etc... there are some of the really nice uses of this technology also. Using this people would be able to have their loved ones if lost in some mishap. People might land up in Body-Suite-Studios to get their body code and keep it safe. Some one might want to live with himself forever. He can, in this case, get his body code installed on his robot and have himself as a frend. People might want to download body code of someone they don't like. For example I would surely download Rakhi Sawant's body code, install it in my robot and make her do the cleaning and dish washing. Any other candidate in this category ??? Salman Khan, Deepak Chowrasia, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kareena Kapoor ????

So guys very soon, you won't be have to Salman Rushdie to have Padmalakshmi in your arms. I know what you guys are thinking now so let me give you a break from reading so that you can continue with your imaginations.