Welcome Tata 'Nano'

Tata's effort of bringing cars to everyone's affordability is really appreciable. I am driving a car here and worried about the traffic and pollution but how can I anyone else to ride a bike when I am driving a car to office ????

Whoever is blaming 1 lac car for more future problems of traffic and pollution, should come to bangalore and see. Autos in bangalore puke out the maximum smoke followed by the office/call center cabs like indica, sumo, tempo traveller and 407. Traffic situations here are bad but the reasons are narrow roads and lack of flyovers. Come to outer ring road and you will not see even traffic signals on major junctions.

Carbon emission can be cut down by banning Glass Office buildings. Delhi, gurgaon and Noida are full of such places. And by making strict pollution check rules. Even In the city like Jaipur which do not have an international reputation like Bangalore, you cannot drive without a pollution check sticker on your car. But in Bangalore, you can.

Traffic jams doesn't happen because more cars but because people do not follow lane driving. So making more flyovers, making signals working and giving power to traffic police to make a fine on people stopping in wrong lanes, jumping stop line etc will only help managing traffic. Police must issue a ticket without asking for the clarification from the defaulter and should ask him to come and pay at police station. Also, all such type of education must reach the junta who will definitely NOT read blogs etc. I mean cab drivers, truck drivers and drivers of other goods carriers. Roads must be painted with lane info and documentry movie on road sense must be played in cinema halls during intermission.