Adoptions : Last option OR Additional Option ???

Once I told my wife that I want to adopt a child. And the reaction was pretty well expected. "Are you crazy ??? "

Why she reacted this way ?? What generally people think when it comes to Adoption ??? Or Adopting a child is a hint to one's friends that one can't 'do' that ??? These are some of the questions I am trying to find out today.

The very first and obvious fact which we all know is that in our neighbourhoods, only those people adopt a child who are not capable of producing one. That's why almost everyone of us looks at adoption as a last option. That's why people who are not married or married but have not started a family yet, never even think about it.

Secondly, Indian society is still very well cuddled with the cast, creed and color. And when it comes to child, sex becomes the 4th factor. I am just trying to peep in the minds of those who may have to adopt. Records from the orphanages show that the boy is the 1st preference. I can't say how many of the adopting parents give importance to the color also. Cast and creed may comes at the end may be because orphanage may not have the exact and correct data. This actually gives me a good reason to believe that many people may not be willing to adopt without exactly knowing the cast of the kid which they are adopting. Such parents may look out for other options in their neighbourhoods or relatives. But question remains the same. Why people who can produce do not opt to adopt ?? And cast can be one of the reason.

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Killer Kids

Recently, newspapers were flooded with the news of violent kids in action. Some teenagers killed a mumbaikar for money, a '13' yr old raped a girl and many more like this. And following them there were numerous reactions and responses for the elite junta and other, both in newspaper and tv channels. Every possible reason for such increasing non tolerence behaviour was evaluated in such discussions and talk shows. Some blame it on nuclear families, some on both working parents. But nobody even talked about one thing which influences kids mind and which is the one kids share the space most of the time. And that is TV. And specially the programs which are specifically designed to attract people by their "different" approach like TNA wrestling, Who dare wins(specifically when they ask their contenders to chew live worms), Contender (A boxing based reality show).

I just can't understand why the big guys, so caller intellect and elite people sitting at the responsible places, can't simply see the longterm aftermaths of such telecasts ?? I have read, sponsers and promoters of wrestling giving the following reasons supporting their show :
1. "These programs are a major hit in western countries, nobody has any problem with that. so why can't they be telecast in India???"
2. "These fights are not the real ones, they are just sports, they are fun to watch. "
3. "We are only showing what people want to see. "

Now I have the answers .
1. If there is no trouble in these programs, what was the root cause behind university violence in US ??? "Such shows pollute minds", may they be western or asian. The reason why incidents of road rage, street fights etc are less in western countries is the less population, number of police personal per 1000 citizen and literacy. But the policy makers in India must take into account the Indian conditions while making telecast decision.
2. Action scenes and love making scenes in movies are also not real then what is the use of the Censor Board. And what's the fun in watching 2 people fighting ?? I tell you, the fun is to see the style one uses to hit, the fun is the pain one show on his face, the fun is the insult they do to each other.

Where do you draw the line ?? There cannot be any definition for right and wrong in such cases. It can only be a human judgment who decides the wrongs and rights.

I would like to give example of myself. I was very young when RGV made a movie called 'Jungle'. In that movie rajpal yadav and some other guy dragged a lady inside the deep jungle to slit her throat. The lady was lying there and shouting, screaming and crying and the 2 killer guys were fighting with each other for who will cut the lady's throat. The elder one was convincing the younger one that he won't be able to make a clean cut and will mess up everything. And the younger one was insisting that he wants to do that since he finds immense pleasure in doing so.
The screams of the lady and the cold blooded planning of the killers made that scene such a horror that I was literally shocked. Now here who wants to draw the line ???? Can any one ??? Can anybody define what is violence ?? There was not even a single slap in that scene, not a single blood drop. Only a senstive human being can feel it's horror.

If a normal person like me can see the evil motive behind these shows how can Prasar Bharati miss them??? Either they are too busy resolving their conflict with private channels over the cricket telecast or they are simply taking the money under the table from the promoters of such shows.
Other wise prime time tv can't telecast a show in which a a wrestler chew live worms and spit them in the mouth of a girl.(I wrote this in my earlier blog. )

If govt can ban AXN for a month for airing "Sexiest TV Advertisements", how a show can be aired on prime time in which 2 guys were competing for max number of unbuttoning of bras of 20 or so girls standing in a row ???

My words may express that I am a typical orthodox guy who loves to watch such things when alone and make big noise when it come to others. But actually I am not. I am not at all against any sexuality in TV shows, I am just concerned for the timings. And about the Wrestling, my stand is clear. They Must Be BANNED from Indian television.

There is one more danger to kids mind but it is approaching slowly and quitely. And that is computer games. I will take them in my next blog. Till then, Good Bye...

Subject: atrocious and sick TV program on prime time.
Date: 28th Nov 2006
Time: 10:00 pm
Channel: Ten Sports
Program: Wrestling
Hi All, I would like to bring this atrocious , sick and extreamly disgusting program aired on ten sports on 28th Nov and that too on prime time. The program was Wrestling, a giant beast looking guys was fighting with a girl of probably 1/3rd of his weight. Then came a guy and poured a bag full of LIVE AND MOVING *EARTHWORMS* on the floor of the ring. Big Guy slammed that girl on the worms, she was filled with disgust and was crying. Now the most stinking and obnoxious part came. The guy picked up a handfull of LIVE worms and filled them up in his MOUTH, CHEW them for a couples of seconds, camera foccussing his Jaws, crushed pieces and some semi liquid type something flowing out of his mouth, he is shouting and boasting about his daring(barbaric) act. Suddenly he came closer to the girl lying(crying) on the floor and SPIT THOSE CRUSHED WORMS IN HER MOUTH. She was crying, her mouth was open and HIS SPIT went straight in HER MOUTH. That was the most disgusting scene I have ever seen. Generally I do not see such wrestling etc. But I just stopped over curosity when I was surfing channels just like that. My wife also seen that just for curosity and when she saw that Guy chewing the worms, MY WIFE VOMITTED. She couldn't sleep that night. That program was really offended and I am just imagining if some kid have had seen that program that day. If adults like me and my wife got this much disturbed, how hard hitting it would be on the minds of kids. I do not have that video because it was on television and I do not have a computer to capture the programs. But all of us can report this to the PRESS and Press, I think, have this rights that they can demand TEN SPORTS to give the tape of that program.
So Let's report this to the NEWS AGENCIES:
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