We need Anjali Waghmare

well said..
No doubt Kasab should be hanged. There is no question about it. But the questions are:
1. What is the procedure followed in India for punishment of criminals??
2. Are we really a civil society, एक सभ्य समाज, who knows the difference between a Killer Dog and his Trainer ??

Answer 1.
I am damn sure that Anjali Waghmare is not going to plea for mercy for Kasab. I am not sure that if she will cross examine any of the evidence against Kasab. But I am damn-damn sure, that because of her, the trial will start on time and it will be in the history of India that in such a difficult times also, we maintained our law and order. If we really feel that there is nothing to discuss in Kasab's case then there will be no difference between us and them. They feel that India should be punished so they took law in their hands. We think that they should be punished but we follow the procedure. They did not allow CST passengers to speak that it was Bush and not they who blew up Iraq but we will allow them to speak. This kind of respect for the court and judiciary system is one of the reasons why today India is far ahead of Pakistan which is witnessing mockery of law since 1970.

Answer 2.
What is the definition of a civil society??? Can we say SWAT valley is a civil society where a girl was flogged just because she didn’t follow what Taliban asked to do?? What if Moninder Singh Pandher was given to the society for the judgment and punishment when they found that dozens of minor girls were raped and killed in his Noida House?? The shattered and shaken society would have cut him in to pieces or burnt him alive. But that would be a mistake because investigation revealed that though he was a loose character-ed guy, he didn’t kill anyone. Take another hypothetical example. There is a man in the neighboring colony who is training German Shepherd dogs and sending them to our colony for biting people. We capture one dog and without knowing the details about the trainer we killed him. The next day few more dogs will come in. And this will go on and on. I took Pandher’s example to prove that how important are the court and the system. When the trial will run the whole world would come to know about the methods, the preparations they did, the motives and the strategies. I took dog’s example to prove that we have an advantage here that Kasab is not a dog, he can speak. And when he will speak in the court the whole world would listen. He was a mere pawn of Taliban but now he is a weapon in our war against terrorism. Here an advocate comes handy because the high level talks and negotiations between the countries take lots of legalities and procedures. The information from Kasab will be useful if there will be an advocate. The recording and documentation of the trial will become a landmark in our fight against the evil motives of Pakistan.

Our goal is to dismantle the terror infrastructure in Af-Pak region for which we can go either ways. 1. The-Bush-way which says bomb the city in which a criminal is hiding as he did in Iraq and left thousands of orphans to become terrorists.
2. The lawful way of forcing the neighboring nation to act hard on terror and help it in establishing peace and democracy so that it can come in the mainstream.

I will go with option 2.
I strongly believe that the step taken by Anjali Waghmare is correct. And if we think that our constituency and judicial system should be changed for such exceptional case, we all are free to do that. Shiv Sena can go to the Court and file a PIL against the system of providing advocate to a terrorist. Daring a woman like this is no softer crime than flogging a girl.