Confession of an Aggressive Looser

If Everything is Coming Your Way, You Must be in the Wrong Lane.

I have heard this long back and have been laughing on such loosers who can't do anything right in their lives untill I met a new me. Myself, an aggressive, self- proclaimed-famous-and-lovable personality.

Gone were the days when friends used to say it on face that you are foolishly aggresive. Or you are stupid, non-decisive, totally not-an-efficient-leader.. don't preach us, we don't want to listen to you.. keep you old fashioned ideas with you only. This is a stage of my life when no one is actually a friend. Everyone is a collegue to everyone else. We don't bother to give feedback to each other and probably this is the only reason why I took so long to realise that I am not the one any more, I used to me once.

I was a people's friend, once upon a time. People used to like me, they used to feel good in my company. There is something which has changed in the last 5-6 years. Actually the props of the life has changed. The basic theme has changed. You are with many but still you are alone. You have to identify your strengths and weeknesses by yourself only. No one will ever come to tell you that you are good in this, do this and don't do that. I have become an aggressive fool who is desperate for the similar fame and fan-following but who is no more capable of earning the same respect.

I was loud, energetic, bold and aggressive before also but with the time I have mixed up the unintelligent behaviour of not analyzing situations and taking things for granted. I stopped thinking that if people are not criticising you doesn't mean that they praise you. Only when they praise you, they praise you. It is most likely that people around me finds me irritating and do not like my company but just some courtesy stops them to tell me this. So being a looser I am loosing the status of respected and well-known-person in my social circle.

On the other hand, the aggression in me is contantly provoking me to win the same respect and honour by yelling at people I don't like. By slapping a not-so-polite feedback on someone in front of several others. By assuming and expressing that my way is correct and someone who is not doing it my way is such a shameless, wastefull, looser of one of it's kind.

It's high time I should recollect my thoughts and change myself to suit my surroundings better.