Adoptions : Last option OR Additional Option ???

Once I told my wife that I want to adopt a child. And the reaction was pretty well expected. "Are you crazy ??? "

Why she reacted this way ?? What generally people think when it comes to Adoption ??? Or Adopting a child is a hint to one's friends that one can't 'do' that ??? These are some of the questions I am trying to find out today.

The very first and obvious fact which we all know is that in our neighbourhoods, only those people adopt a child who are not capable of producing one. That's why almost everyone of us looks at adoption as a last option. That's why people who are not married or married but have not started a family yet, never even think about it.

Secondly, Indian society is still very well cuddled with the cast, creed and color. And when it comes to child, sex becomes the 4th factor. I am just trying to peep in the minds of those who may have to adopt. Records from the orphanages show that the boy is the 1st preference. I can't say how many of the adopting parents give importance to the color also. Cast and creed may comes at the end may be because orphanage may not have the exact and correct data. This actually gives me a good reason to believe that many people may not be willing to adopt without exactly knowing the cast of the kid which they are adopting. Such parents may look out for other options in their neighbourhoods or relatives. But question remains the same. Why people who can produce do not opt to adopt ?? And cast can be one of the reason.

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Chandan September 8, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

The option to adopt, for a young couple who is biologically fit, is the cultural bottle neck. This culture is something that we are pre-equipped with when we join an organized society as a new born. To follow the culture is like an unwritten rule that we all try to comply with and of course we tend to modify the rule as per our convenience and priorities. But these modification in rules or the cultural changes cannot be ransformed overnight, it is like a continuum where we may not see the difference over months or years but the change is definitely visible over the generation.

So in this generation we are open to talk about this then I am sure next few generations this should be common and acceptable in our culture.

This kind of change has already taken place in other cultural societies and a good and famous example is Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. Here is an inspiring video